From Kenny Heath: Yes, you have rights…both as an American and as a follower of Jesus Christ. Would you be willing to forego your rights, for the sake of bringing more people the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Please join me in studying the part of the Bible this Sunday’s (10/11) message will focus upon: First Corinthians, Chapter Nine…”A Change in How We Handle Our Rights”!

As followers of Jesus Christ, we know a lot of the right stuff to know; some in our church are very advanced in their knowledge of the Bible and living the Christian life. What do we do with this knowledge, to be the most effective and helpful with our brothers and sisters inside the church, and those outside? First Corinthians, Chapter 8: “A Change In How We Handle Being Smart”, this Sunday, October 4, at 10:30 a.m.!

“WWJD” (“What Would Jesus Do?”) became popular, about 25 years ago. Do you have enough time, in crisis, to figure out “what Jesus would do”, before another one smacks you in the face? Maybe knowing “What Jesus Has Taught” would be better! This Sunday—First Corinthians 7:17-40, “A Change in Our Priorities(from the Temporary to the Eternal)”.

As we continue to seek the Lord about how He wants our church to be in the future, tomorrow, we’ll take a video “prayer drive” of the neighborhood West of our building…Grand Avenue to Industrial Boulevard, Maryland Avenue, Virginia Avenue, and a little more. You may go ahead and prayer drive that, yourself, today! Looking forward to what the Lord shows us about the people who live there—the people we need to reach with the Gospel!