Our Policy for Second Baptist church’s facility use is currently being updated. In the intervening time the current policy will be followed. As a friendly reminder, here are the primary points that are expected to be adhered to by both all church members and outside groups.

  1. All private & group events must be scheduled through the church office with a $30 deposit in hand.
  2. Fellowship Hall & gym are rented separately at $25 per hour for the first 2 hours and $15 for each additional hour. This includes time for setup and cleanup. Payment must be made in full before facilities are used. No exceptions, except for charitable causes.
  3. ONLY the Fellowship Hall and gymnasium are available for rent. Under no circumstances are people to be in the Sunday School wing unless prior approval is given for educational use.
  4. Failure to abide by this current policy will result in loss of facility use.
  5. Full written forms of current policies are available in the office.

Thank you for your cooperation.